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Wehncke Quick Up Pool Set Of Filtering System 350 X 76 Cm By Friedola

Wehncke Quick Up Pool Set of filtering system 350 x 76 cm by friedola


  1. Quick-up Pool Set
  2. Diameter: 350 cm; Height: 76 cm
  3. High performance pump 3,500 l / h; at the international level tested (TUV) and TUV certification mark and GS ()
Wehncke – Quick Up Pool 350 x 76 Easy to assemble without tools: simply roll the pool, inflating the top ring and then fill with water – The pool and if.
The side walls and made of a three-layer film. The inner layer and made of polyester fabric, the two layers of PVC resistant Extra ensure high strength and durability. drain valve with connection to standard garden hose it makes for easy emptying the pool. complete set with cartridge filter system and ground sheet.
Padding 80% to about 5100 liters pumping capacity 3500 l / h Swimming Height 76 cm

Seller: friedola

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