Umbrella Dino. Umbrella Has Shape Of A Mushroom


Umbrella Dino

Beware: here come the dinosaurs. With the beautiful umbrella from the dino collection of Kidorable the little dino fans always stay dry. The imprint of a smiling dinokop braves the rain and even during wet weather makes for a good mood. The little ones can fine shelter from any storm under the umbrella of the mushroom shape. Special highlight: the bright orange, toothed dinosaur tail that was set up plastic. OSet is also the round handle that fits perfectly in the hands of children. The umbrella can be easily opened and closed. The metal ends are provided with protective caps round.
Description: • Cute cheerful umbrella with stunning 3D design of a dinosaur
• Umbrella has the shape of a mushroom
• Protect metal caps on the ends
• Length of stick: 58cm
• Diameter: 67cm
• Stringing: 100% nylon
• Velcro keeps the closed umbrella together Recommended age: 3-7 years

Brand: Kidorable

Umbrella Dino Umbrella Shape Mushroom

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