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Track System Set. Combine With Your DUPLO Train Collection.


 Train Accessories Set Combine

Extending the LEGO® DUPLO train collection.
For even more fun with the railroad here is the LEGO® DUPLO train accessories set with curved and straight rails, turnouts, a crossing and DUPLO bricks. Take your child on a train trip with unlimited gameplay, with this LEGO® DUPLO Train Accessories set.

Includes 8 curved tracks, 5 straight tracks, 2 sets of turnouts and a passage, for various job combinations. The train accessories set contains several primary and printed DUPLO bricks and is the best complement to any DUPLO train collection.

Description: • Includes 8 curved track, straight track 5, 2 points, a level crossing and various LEGO® DUPLO bricks.
• Combine with your DUPLO train collection.
• Invent all kinds of new jobs
• The rails are non-conductive and can not be combined with LEGO 9V train tracks
• For use with DUPLO trains
• DUPLO products are designed for young children, safe and fun play

Item is not designed for children under 24 months.
Recommended Age: 2-5 years


DUPLO Train Collection

LEGO® DUPLO® Train – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer

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