Tractor. Selection Tool Can Be Folded, Lowered And Rotated


Lego Technic Tractor

The LEGO® – 9393 tractor belongs to the LEGO® Technic gameworld
Due to the dry summer, farmers have their hands full to arSet everything.. They drive their tractor over the fields and return until late in the evening back to the farm. The fields are plowed by a special team, so it can be. After making the looser the soil the harvest secured
The tractor can be converted into a buggy with steering and a detailed engine with moving piston

Description: • Functioning steering
• Selection Tool can be folded, lowered and rotated
• The tractor is higher than 13cm, 28cm long and 11cm wide
• The buggy is higher than 11cm, 23cm long and 13cm wide

Item is not designed for children under 36 months.
Recommended Age: 9-16 years
Brand: LEGO® Technic

Tractor Selection Tool Folded Lowered

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