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LEGO City – The Mine (4204)


Dynamite Rods

The LEGO® – 4204 set “The Mine” belongs to the LEGO® City gameworld
Help the miners search for gold. Use the drill to break the largest stone and transport them out with the train. Load the rocks onto the conveyor belt, and bring it to the road trucks. The gold found is thoroughly cleaned and stored in a fireproof safe. Help the miners find even more gold with explosive dynamite, and make your way through the rock.

Description: • Foreman, crane operator, driller, and truck driver are included
• Dynamite Rods, rock fragments, primer, and other accessories are supplied as mini lego-figures
• crane has a rotating cabin, a movable arm, and a shovel that can move
• mine is more than 25cm high, 25cm wide, and 56cm long
• drill is 8cm high, 7cm wide, and 16cm long
• truck is 8cm high, 7cm wide, and 16cm long

Recommended Age: 6-12 years
Brand: LEGO® City

The Mine Dynamite Rods Rock

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