Caterpillar Excavator

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   THE CAT Excavator is an impressive vehicle market leader for large construction sites, agriculture or waste disposal. He agrees in every detail match the original. The stick works just like its big brother more

Liebherr Crane Truck With Light And Sound. Scania

The impressive Liebherr crane is literally an excellent model in the Bruder Set. If the telescopic arm is extended, the crane has been a considerable height and can be extended or Children love this model: The valve is fully built up and extended it full height 1.30 m high and thus more

Bruder Liebherr L574 Wheel Loader

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Liebherr L574 Wheel loader features a large tilting shovel, which can be. served by the innovative mechanism with only one hand The articulation and all – terrain rear ensure good maneuverability even in a small more

Disney Cars 2 Race

Finn McMissile is a real secret agent. His excellent racing skills are essential in his work, because he can save. Quickly and unscathed from any predicament Put him on your Carrera circuit and let the thrilling action begin! Cars 2 The heroes of the great Carrera GO.. Set. With the characters more

Detailed CAT Large Bulldozer. Bruder. Scale 1:16

Experience exciting hours of fun with the big CAT Bulldozer Bruder! On the site is doing everything: buildings should be put down, streets should be leveled and material should be delivered. To ensure that the trucks can load and unload the material, the large bulldozer should be used. It is more

Actros Truck Trail

The Actros Truck Trail from Bruder a command: the A1 is a terrain are remained. You drive soon loose to help. The motorist The loading platform can pull the car on your truck. And thanks to the mobile crane can lift even cars on your truck. Incl. controlled terrain movable hood. Made of high more

Safari Park By ECOIFFIER. 65 Pieces

Welcome to the big safari park ECOIFFIER. Come in and discover the exciting animal. You can enter the gorilla a banana, water in the trough of the elephant with the casting or quad biking. The two play figures provide loving care for your treasures and all animals. That’s it with them more

Dusty Crop Hopper, Action Plane With Engine

Job free for planes. Mattel presents the rolling action retraction plane with engine from the animated film from Disney. The different planes are available in different colors and designs, one looks even crazier than the other. Thanks to the powerful pull-back motor can be swift, the colorful more

Rescue Helicopter. Light And Sound

Ready for the rescue – with the mobile helicopter Fast Lane? This rescue helicopter with remote control, you can prove how skillful you are as a pilot. Fly the rescue of your life and save lives. To ensure that you are far away to hear and see the helicopter equipped with light and sound more

Bruder Tractor. Super – Pro Series

The Claas Nectis 267 F is an expert tool, ideally used in growing fruit and wine. The strong engine pull the tractor up the steepest slopes and coarse tire treads provide excellent grip. The driver’s area is spacious and has a raised seat. Thanks to the steering tiller, the tractor is more

MAN TGA Garbage Truck Rear-Loader, Includes 2 Bins

It is always fascinating for children when the garbage truck comes by with a lot of noise and empties bins, large and small. Bruder has been around for several years since releasing the garbage truck set. So far the most popular model, 02760 MAN, is now replaced by a modern rear loader that more

John Deere – Bruder Profi Series. Miniature Tractor, Scale 1:16

The John Deere 6920 tractor is just the right powerhouse for heavy work on the farm. The coarse tread on the tires provide plenty of grip on any surface. To ensure that you can drive the tractor, the steering is well adjusted. Open the roof and pull the wheel out; Now you can easily steer the more

Disney Planes. Hangar Gift Set

Mattel presents the Hangar-gift sets  Disney’s Planes, from the creators of the animated film Cars. Experience exciting and fantastic adventures in the air or on the ground. The different sets can also be collected or combined with each other to offer even more fun adventures or can be more

Pro Series – Tractor Case CVX 70

The Case CVX 70 Tractor Bruder has many realistic features and has great fun in store for you. Play scenes from everyday agricultural activities and proceed with the Case CVX170 on any terrain. Thanks to the large tires, you won’t have any problems driving through fields, in the woods, more

Cars 2 – Pullback Racers, Scale: 1:32

Cars 2 presents the lightning fast Citron C2 race car to play with at home for your Carrera race track The heroes of Cars 2 are modeled on a 1:32 scale, based on their original look from Cars 2; vehicles from the popular animated film. With the characters from the hit Disney – Pixar film more

Pull & Speed ​​- Ford Crown Victoria Police Car

The super-fast Pull & Speed model car with a chassis made ​​of plastic has a pull-back function (retraction motor) and forward freewheels. A model of fine quality. This item is not suitable for children under 36 months. Recommended Age: 3 years more

Bruder: Bulldozer Loader FR 130

In its typical yellow color, the Bruder bulldozer loader FR 130 can almost always be found at each site. The shovel front mounted functions 100% and provides ample space for transporting tools or building materials: pebbles, sand, and wood can be placed in the shovel and moved from one place to more

Strautmann Verti – Farmyard Feed Mixer. Scale 1:16

Use the feed mixer wagon Strautmann 1050 Bruder to make feed of exceptional quality for pigs, chickens, and other inhabitants of the farmyard. The cutting beam plastic rotation realistically  simulates the chaff and mixing processes. A folding support leg ensures stability, and the pivoting more

Fast Lane: Construction Vehicles, Set Of 5

Construction Vehicles This item from Fast Lane is available in different versions.. This item is not suitable for children under 36 months: Choking Hazard. Brand: Fast Lane Kids DVD on Trucks – Excavator Silverlit Toys Construction Series more

VTech Toet Toet: Roadway

Let’s take a ride. The Toet Toet Cars Lane takes you on an educational adventure. The roadway recognizes all vehicles from  the Tut Tut Cars collection and lets children become acquainted with traffic. This item is not suitable for children under 12 months. Brand: VTech Toet Toet more

Bruder: Claas Disco C Plus 3-Piece Mower

The 3-piece mower Claas Disco 8550 C Plus Bruder is an indispensable machine for farmers who have a lot of grassland. The tool works thoroughly, is robust, and performs superbly in any field. For the late harvest, the mower equipped with pendulum bearings for a good soil structure and also a more

Caterpillar Delta Charger

The Delta Caterpillar 277C Loader from Bruder is powerful and all-round talented. With its large treads, it can be used on any surface, while the functional elements like the bucket and movable arm ensure that the Delta Charger will remain indispensable as a construction vehicle. The Delta more

SpiderMan. Battle Vehicle With Figure

This vehicle is fast you can compete against all the villains. Shoot your web rockets off and beat everyone. Including Spider -Man figure. Choose from different species. Recommended Age : 4-12 years   more