Soccer Ball. Material Soft Plush

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   Be careful, here comes the soccer player, and scores GOAL. Play with the plush soccer ball outside and inside. Even mom can not complain, because the windows and TV will certainly not break through this soft more

Plush Bear Friends

Such a bear, you have not yet in your collection. The plush bear offers everything you expect from a real plush bear. He is soft, to cuddle, loyal and flexible. So he meets all the requirements for your new friend to hug and he rejoices greatly. He likes to be caressed and dearest while he more

Baby Glow Worm Toy By Simba

This fun and useful glowworm hug from Simba ensures that your child will go to sleep easily. By embracing the glow worm will hug the head of the worm light, so that the natural anxiety will be reduced. Before dark Your child now has its own light with him. The glowworm is 25cm long. Size: approx more

Long-Haired Cat, White

Super Fluffy and incredibly soft step into this adorable long-haired cat in your life. As befits the cats even sleep like this cat in your bed or on your belly. This cuddlecat everyone would like to have. If you have closed this little cat for the first time in your heart then you want her to more

Furby Is Back, To Cuddle And Caress

The small, cute creature is super cute and has a nice, sturdy coat. Furby can not speak, he always has a funny expression on his face and is very like to sleep with you. Once you have a Furby in your hand, you won’t want to give him to somebody and keep him with you more

Teddy Velboa From Animal Alley

Teddy, from Animal Alley, is very soft and cuddly; an ideal companion for your child’s adventures. You’ll never get bored and can have fun with your new stuffed animal. This teddy bear will quickly become your best friend and it’d be difficult for it to lose its appeal. Maybe more

Cuddly Toy Bear Taps – 25cm Material: 100% Plush

My First NICI – NICI products specifically designed for newborns and babies. Learn by playing with My First NICI – In the first months of your baby’s development it is especially  important that you give him or her lots of love and joy. The best way to do so is by intensive more

Soft Plush Hare

Who is nibbling at the root over there? The velvety coat and funny ears of the hare will invite all children to play. This plush stuffed animal is adorable and beautiful. It is a loyal companion that lets you experience adventures and never leaves your side; soft, sweet, and more

Disney Planes: Skipper Riley Plush

A sweet plush airplane Disney Planes – Skipper Riley. Previously, Skipper Riley was a brilliant pilot and instructor in the Navy. At the time, he preferred to live alone and was rather withdrawn. This loneliness was completely broken when an ambitious and tenacious Dusty asks Skipper for more

Animal Alley: Owl, Green

This owl from Animal Alley is very soft and can join you on your fun adventures. With the Owl plush, you’ll never get bored and will have lots of fun with your new stuffed animal. The owl will quickly become your best friend and you will probably become attached to it. Maybe this is the more