Monster High: Headmistress Bloodgood And Nightmare

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   The headmistress is responsible for all Monster High students. With her head off, she sometimes gives tons of homework or teaches. With her horse Nightmare she likes to drive through the corridors of the school and more

Charm Bracelet. Material: Metal And Plastic

The crafting ” Monster High – Charm Bracelet ” by Totum you can create your own Monster High Jewelry – for you and your friends. Decorate therefore simply the bracelets that are ready with the numerous charms, stickers and charms until the jewelry you like. Want a new bracelet? No more

Two Dolls Ghoulia And Cleo. Monster High

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); From now on the lessons at school are really interesting. The two sample students Ghoulia and Cleo are appointed to work as partners in the lab together and that means that they make it unsafe chemical laboratory from now. more

Deluxe Scaris Skelita. Set Including Monster High Doll, Outfit And Suitcase

Incredibly cute and really monstrous is this creepy doll. The really super cool Scaris Deluxe Skelita of Monster High, you have the best companion for traveling monstrous. As its name suggests, Skelita is really only of bones but also who want chic and modern packed. Skelita brings not only a more

Monster High: Metal Make-up Kit

The cool metal box in Monster High design looks like a simple metal box out but is filled with various cosmetic gear. The metal box makeup kit contains various cosmetics including lip gloss, eye shadow, and nail polish. With the Monster High – metal make-up kit, you can easily transport more

Monster High. Frankie, Oriental Fashion And Jewelry

Frankie prepares for her big gig! It’s time for the big dance, but this party is no ordinary event. The friends of Monster High party Moroccan style, dressed in fairytale-like, beautiful dresses, all in Oriental style. Franke decided to go in a blue/gold costume. The small lantern completes more

Monster High: Room Decoration 2 (Frankie Stein’s Vanity)

A piece of furniture with an ultimate creep factor for your Monster High doll. Here Frankie Stein can finally do her hair and apply make-up. This piece is not only a great accessory for your room, but also a monstrous piece of furniture to complete your Monster High collection. Replace Frankie more