Lego Star Wars Geonosian

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});     On the desolate planet of Geonosis, Clone Commander Cody and Jedi Master Ki -Adi- Mundi prepare the clone trooper army for another assault on the Separatist droid factory. Suddenly, they see more

Lego City: Recycling Truck

This recycling truck is committed to making Lego City dirt and garbage free. It’s colorful and it’s environment friendly. Contains 3 mini figures, 2 workers and a female characterNot suitable for children under the age of 36 months. Contains small parts which could be more

Lego Duplo Strawberry Fields

-74 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The strawberry farm is a great place to be and the farmers move along the strawberry fields to collect strawberries and store them in a large box. Each set includes a bike, farmer figure, boxes of strawberries, shovel more

Sith Empire

  The Jedi Master Satele Shan patrols the skies aboard his Republic Striker Starfighter. With two modes of configuration of the wings (attack and cruise, launchers, storage compartment for lightsabers back and T 7 -O 1 droid,) this powerful Starfighter has everything you need to deal more

LEGO Star Wars – Ultimate Collector’s Series R2-D2

The LEGO® R2-D2 belongs to LEGO® Star Wars game world. The legendary R2 – D2 is back and  impresses with its many features like a retractable third leg and front panels that open, followed by a universal electric arm and a circular saw. The rotating head and 2 fold connecting arms more

Tractor. Selection Tool Can Be Folded, Lowered And Rotated

The LEGO® – 9393 tractor belongs to the LEGO® Technic gameworld Due to the dry summer, farmers have their hands full to arSet everything.. They drive their tractor over the fields and return until late in the evening back to the farm. The fields are plowed by a special team, so it can more

Helicopter And Many Accessories. LEGO® City Game World

The LEGO® –  helicopter belongs to the LEGO® City game world. It is built in LEGO® City: the city needs a lot of wood. Be quick for a new load of the beloved building material. Your employees saw the wood and the major freight transport with the amazing quad bike to the waiting more

LEGO Fire Truck. Contain 209 Parts

The LEGO® – 60002 Fire Truck is part of the LEGO® City game world. Alarm… Yet there is a dangerous, big fire in LEGO® City. Drive quickly to the fire, close the hose to the hydrant and extinguishing the fire. The great spin ladder can be extended very far, so you can save more

Lego Alien Conquest: Ufo

The member of the Anti alien tries to save a poor farmer who is about to be kidnapped. But be careful, the light beam has already hit the farmer. Shoot the missile before the alien brings the farmer on board and disappear in the universe. With central defense and mobile mini more

Lego City Mining Dumper

  Great work requires great vehicles and great heroes. This powerful mining dumper has been created just for these great adventures. Load the dumper with rocks, transport them out of the mine,  light the dynamite and blow up everything to find the gold. Every box includes a minifigure more

Lego Hero Factory: Jetbug

Attention! Jetbug and the gang are attacking the base of the fire Tanker Station 22. If they are not stopped, it will fly away with our fuel because of its powerful jet. Watch out for his razor-sharp pincers and do not let him operate its reactors. The pack is composed of 63 pieces. It more

Lego Star Wars Sith Fury Darth Malgus

On board the lethal Fury Interceptor, the evil lord of the Sith Lord Darth Malgus, checks his equipment in search of territories occupied by the Republic. Equipped with 4 missiles and folding wings, the big hold of Fury -class Interceptor can also be used to transport ground troops of the more

Lego Minifigures Characters Collection

For this Lego Minifigures, there are 10 packs to add to your Minifigures collection. Minimum Age – 5 years Need for batteries – No Item Weight – 880 g Product Dimensions – 28 x 21 x 13 cm Age recommended by the manufacturer – 5 years and more Item model number – more

Lego Kingdoms: The Magician

Each kingdom has a magician to complete it. Get your own magician now! Year – 2010 Pieces – 19 Minifigures – 1 English Name – LEGO Castle – Wizard Set 7955 Item Weight – 45 g Product Dimensions – 9.1 x 3.6 x 9.4 cm Age recommended by the manufacturer – 18 years and more

Lego Minifigure

With 16 brand new and special minifigure Series 9, the LEGO ® collection continues to grow. Each minifigure is sold in an envelope of “surprise”. With special accessories, a platform for the display and a booklet for the collector you will surely love this pack. Inspired by more

Lego City Advent Christmas Tree

In the days before Christmas you will always have a new surprise thanks to the LEGO ® City Advent Calendar. Open the windows that contain 24 gifts, including a Christmas tree, a barbecue, a race car, a slide, an astronaut, a policeman, a thief, a racing driver and 5 other beautiful more

Lego Space Interceptor Insects

  A dangerous armed alien mosquito is approaching on his spaceship.  If the battle becomes difficult for a single ship of the Galaxy Squad, split into two Interceptor fearsome war machines: an agile shuttle with removable cannons and a deadly turret missile. The insect will have no more

Lego Star Wars Snow Trooper Keychain

LEGO Star Wars Snow Trooper Keychain Get this cute and loyal snow trooper and bring it everywhere you go. You can put it in your bag, purse or wallet. Item Weight – 14 g Product Dimensions – 6 x 5.4 x 6.4 cm Age recommended by the manufacturer – 3 years and older Item model number – more

LEGO Hero Factory: Dragon Bolt (44009)

The LEGO® Dragon Bolt belongs to the LEGO® Hero Factory game world The Dragon Bolt, from the LEGO® Hero Factory, is a fearsome sight. This flying monster was created by the aliens. Pull the Dragon Bolt to war, using his powerful teeth and flapping wings. The scorpion tail spines will surely more

LEGO Hero Factory: OGRUM Figure With Movable Elements

LEGO® – 44007 OGRUM belongs to the LEGO® Hero Factory game world. The LEGO® Hero Factory guarantees excitement when it comes to the battle between good and evil. The opponent, OGRUM, is dangerous and so the brave heroes use everything in their power to defeat him. This poisonous plant more

LEGO Star Wars: Jabba’s Sail Barge. 850 Parts And 6 Lego-figures

The LEGO® – 75020 Jabba’s Sail Barge belongs to the LEGO® Star Wars game world Jabba is on the run once again with prisoners in stow. He has not only captured Han Solo, but also Princess Leia, and is taking them with his sail barge on the sandy path to the tomb of Carkoon. more

LEGO City Coast Guard Aircraft

The LEGO® – 60015 Coast Guard plane belongs to the LEGO® City gameworld. Get ready for loads of excitement and action. Guide the Coast Guard aircraft in its operations and prepare for a spectacular rescues. The small fishing boat is in distress and needs urgent help. Try to locate more

LEGO Galaxy Squad: Vermin Vaporizer (70704)

Defeat the alien scorpion with the Vermin Vaporizer. Fight the scorpion in the Vermin Vaporizer with laboratory, computer, rockets, guns, split function and a buggy. The green team Squad heroes Galaxy is attacked by an alien creature with a special cocoon. The captain of the green team, Chuck more

LEGO Architecture: Big Ben (21013) – 346 Pieces

The LEGO® 21013 Big Ben is part of the LEGO® Architecture – Game World. Become one of the greatest architects of our time and build one the most famous buildings in the world. Big Ben is one of the pearls of London and along  London Bridge is one of the most popular attractions. more

LEGO Star Wars: Republic Striker-class Starfighter (9497)

The LEGO® – Star Wars 9497 Republic Striker Class Starfighter is part of the LEGO® Star Wars Game World. Defeat the Sith Empire with the Republic Striker Class Starfighter. Use the Jedi Satele Shan mistress flies to attack. Fly across the galaxy to the Sith empire in the agile Republic more

LEGO Power Functions – Motor Set (8293)

Bring your Lego Technic models functions motor set to life with great power. This retrofit kit includes a motor, a battery holder, a light cable, and a switch. Put your Lego Technic models in motion. This item is not suitable for children under 36 months. Recommended Age: 9-16 years Brand: more

LEGO City – The Mine (4204)

The LEGO® – 4204 set “The Mine” belongs to the LEGO® City gameworld Help the miners search for gold. Use the drill to break the largest stone and transport them out with the train. Load the rocks onto the conveyor belt, and bring it to the road trucks. The gold found is more

LEGO B-wing Starfighter And Planet Endor

The LEGO® – 75010 B -wing Starfighter was one of the most powerful spaceships of the rebel alliance and helped the rebels in the battle for the planet Endor. The Starfighter is equipped with lasers, ion cannons, and proton torpedoes. Join the dangerous attack against the Death Star as more

LEGO City. Police Helicopter

Lego City Police Helicopter. With this helicopter, you can keep an eye on your city. Observe the traffic situation and chase thugs. Includes moving propellers and a policeman pilot. This item is not suitable for children under 36 months. Recommended Age: 5-12 years Brand: LEGO® more

LEGO – Life Of George

Construct, scan, and earn points around the world with LEGO® Life of George, the first game, in which building with LEGO bricks is combined with your mobile phone. Download the app to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android and build the models as fast as you can. Put your model on the mat more

Lego Lord Of The Rings Set – Battle At The Black Gate

Combat the army of Sauron in the Battle at the Black Gate. The Great Eagle flies high above the Black Gate of Mordor, leading the way for Aragorn and Gandalf the White against the Eye of Sauron. Aragorn and Gandalf divert attention while Frodo Baggins and his friend Sam throw the One Ring more

LEGO Chima: Laval Alarm Clock

The new Legends of Chima alarm clock guarantees a good start in the morning . From now on, you can be woken up by your favorite heroes every day, who make sure to that you do not oversleep. Discover the different designs available. The clock has a warranty card, manual, and batteries, so that more

LEGO City: Starter Set

Build your own exciting adventures and become the hero of the day with the LEGO® City starter set. A world of building fun with this LEGO® City starter set includes three distinctive vehicles. Send the cop on his motorcycle to catch the bank robber. Extinguish the fire with the fire more

LEGO Castle: King’s Castle (70404)

The LEGO® King’s Castle belongs to the LEGO® Castle – game world. Fabulous treasures are hidden in the secret subterranean dungeons of the mighty king’s castle. Villains are now heading toward’s castle in an attempt to conquer it. Support and help defend the king and more