Summer Pool 185 X 180 X 53 Cm By Intex

Summer pool 185 x 180 x 53 cm by Intex

Summer pool 185 x 180 x 53 cm by Intex


  1. Measures swells ca. :
  2. Length: 185 cm
  3. Width: 180 cm
  4. Height: 53 cm
  5. Inflatable bottom valve for drainage of water. 2 air chambers
56495 Summer Pool 185 x 180 x 53 cm

Seller: Intex

4.0 out of 5 stars


8 August 2014

Easy to inflate and install, very good resistance to the weight of children and the various impacts during the games in the water.
Keeps pretty good shape (lose the regularity banks after inflation and intensive use) as well as the fund that insures a soft surface x the youngest, just what I wanted! !! Easy to wash and place in order to store and dispose of for the end user.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Marco Guarneri

4 July 2014

Perfect in every way. Very large and very well sealed. Advises all the purchase. Excellent value for money. Soft rubber in the bottom.

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