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AVIGO: Scooter, Big Wheel


Safe Folding

The latest Big Wheel scooter is available in a cool silver-green design.

The 200 mm diameter of the wheel makes the white line Big Wheel scooter faster, better, and safer; making the daily trip to school or shopping more fun. A few pushes and you’re on the go with a significant pace. The large wheels improve the driving experience on various surfaces. Jump on this cool scooter with your friends and go around the neighborhood. At the playground or in the skate park, you can spend hours with this fantastic scooter. The scooter is made of aluminum and can hold up to 100 kg. With the friction provided, you always have the scooter under control. If necessary, you can fold the scooter and take it anywhere to go or store it for later.

Description: • In height adjustable steering wheel, locking quick-lock
• Safe folding
• Oversized high rebound wheels of 200 mm diameter friction brake on the rear
• Standard for safe drop
• Includes adjustable strap
• Cool design in silver-green
• High quality aluminum

Wear protective equipment: Do not ride in traffic. Holds up to 100 kg.
Recommended Age: 3-10 years
Brand: AVIGO

Scooter Wheel Safe Folding

Ultrafit Kick Scooter 205 mm

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