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Rolson – Universal Charger 4 In 1 By Rolson


Rolson   Universal charger 4 in 1 by Rolson

Item number43006
Item Weight998 g
Product Dimensions23.2 x 14.4 x 6 cm
Number of items1
Batteries / Batteries included?No
Batteries / Batteries required?No
weight1000 grams
Shipping Weight181 g
Has your phone battery ever run low before the day is over? With phones not even lasting a day with a full charge it? S important to keep a charger somewhere accessible so you can give it some extra power during the day so you never run out of battery When It? S required.The most popular place to keep this universal charger is in the car Because it has a cigarette lighter adapter Allowing you to give your phone a few minutes charge When traveling or to supply your Sat Nav with some power.  Another useful place to keep it would be in the office as you can plug your gadgets into a computer via the USB lead. The home is where the whole family can benefit from its ability to charge different electronic equipment That may need charging as it can charge most electrical equipment from a normal plug socket as well. The Rolson 43006 universal power adapter has a 3-way charging system, supplied with 230V, 12V plugs and a USB standard. This charger has the ability to charge the phones, including the latest models in the 4th generation. Other devices That this device will be incendio supply power to include the Pods and other MP3 / 4 players, Sat Nav? S, digital cameras, Sony media players, blackberry phones, most DSI? S and various other phones and electronic equipment.

Seller: Rolson

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