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Roller-Coaster And Ferris Wheel By Little People


This roller coaster is a great addition to the beloved car adventure, but can also be played with separately. The playset includes a functioning roller coaster and a ferris wheel. Just put a Wheelies vehicle on track, turn the crank to activate, funny, mechanical sounds (click – click – click and ding- dong of a clock) and then the vehicle in an authentic way to let the roller coaster ride. The vehicle sped down the helical path and is avoided by a flip-open door to the front portion of the play set. The ferris wheel is activated with the scam and can accommodate two vehicles. Includes Wheelies vehicle with integrated Little People figure. Perfect for small children’s hands.

Description: • Size: 51 x 10 x 32
Material: plastic
• Battery: Batteries are not necessarily
• Promotes hand and eye coordination
• Recommended age: from 18 months to 5 years

Brand: Little People

Wheelies Rollercoaster Material Plastic


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