Ari Roma From The Enchanting World Of Novi Stars

Pop Ari Roma

Mysterious and glistening, the pop Ari Roma from the enchanting world of Novi Stars. With its removable spherical helmet, her eyelashes and her glittering star-shaped antennae she perfectly embodies the world of glamour of the cosmos stars. Ari Roma loves odors and it is therefore not surprising that it is always in an atmosphere of nice smelling, find fruity berries. Her striking look with pink colored body and wild purple hair is typical of the extravagant Novi Stars. Still dreaming Ari only one thing: once an earthly boy kissing. Description: • Accessories: 1 pet and 1 shining pedestal • Recommended age: from 3-10 years Item is not designed for children under 36 months. Brand: Novi Stars
Pop Roma Battery Included
Ari Roma from the Enchanting World of Novi Stars Ari Roma from the Enchanting World of Novi Stars

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