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Pluto Doll Strollers. Large Removable Hood And Shopping Basket


Doll Carriage I'Coo

You would also agree with your doll take a long walk like the big people? Then just this amazing I’coo doll carriage that what you and all the other dolls mamas search. This stylish doll carriage of I’coo is stunning and so perfect for your very special doll. This doll carriage is developed along the lines of the buggy. As his example the doll carriage I’coo convinces by its quality and absolute quality finish: the frame is steel, the pirouette wheels can rotate 360 degrees and the handles are elegant – just like its big brother. The doll gets excellent quality available: the seat of the I’coo Pluto is comfortable inside and a modern print – a real eye-catcher. By its subtle design the I’coo Pluto differs from the ordinary doll prams. This one can show – in a walk in the park, garden or home with friends
Description: • Robust frame
• Large, removable hood,  Large shopping basket
• Simple folding mechanism acting
• Suitable for dolls up to 43cm
• Removable, washable fabric
Item is not designed for children under 36 months. Use under adult supervision.
Recommended Age: 3-6 years
Brand: I’Coo

Pluto Doll Strollers Large Removable



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