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Playshoes: Children’s Umbrella, Pink With Polka-Dots


Simply adorable! This cheerful dotted umbrella by Playshoes® in bright pink also encourages children to go play outside. The bright, vibrant colors can even lighten one’s mood during bad weather. The umbrella can also be set up by small children without any trouble and can be closed without pinching any fingers.

Description: • Umbrella with cheerful dots
• Protective caps on the metal ends
• Safety device which ensures that the fingers do not get stuck when closing
• Flattened end of the stem
• Length of stick: 59.5cm
• Diameter: 73cm
• Stringing: 100% polyamide
• Velcro keeps the closed umbrella together
• Recommended age: 3-7 years

Dots Umbrella Pink Protective Caps

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