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My Little Baby Born By Zapf Creation. Creeping Action


The small My Little Baby Born by Zapf Creation want to know you. Dying in its pastel-colored dress and with a small band on the forehead she just looks incredibly cute.

My Little Baby Born is a cheerful little girl who likes to remain close to her mother. When Baby Born’s how you prepare the food, they will immediately enthusiastic. You give her the bottle, you will notice that they are very sweet sucking the teat.

Sometimes getting the small hiccups. Then you just put it against your shoulder and pat your hair gently on the back. When the diaper is wet, then you must act quickly.  Baby Born can cry at any time. Her own bottle and diapers to change it brings them directly to your home.

Description: • Sound (example: the sound of hiccups, crying and babbling)
• Creeping function
• Including hair band, 2 bottles and cloth diapers

Item is not designed for children under 36 months.
Recommended Age: 3-10 years
Brand: My Little Baby Born

Nappy Time Creeping Function

Bottle Style 2 / Lalka Z Butelką – My Little Baby Born – Zapf Creation – Cobi

Zapf Creation – My Little BABY born Nappy Time

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