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Journey Girls: Meredith



This is Meredith. She has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. Meredith is an incredible sport star; she likes to try every sport and is much braver than the boys. Her favorite sport is snowboarding, and she is dreams of a holiday in the Alps. The snow-capped peaks and steep slopes are already waiting for her. If Meredith is not busy with sports, she likes fashionable clothes. Here she is wearing a stylish blue dress with ruffles, a sun hat, a handbag, and matching brown sandals.

Meredith is one of 6 Journey Girls. They are all best friends, who enjoy traveling. They each have special abilities. They complement and always help each other. Wherever they may be, they always remain in contact with each other, calling and writing messages to each other a lot. Countless adventures await the girlfriends. Which of the sixth Journey Girls suits you best?

Description: • Height: 45cm
• soft body
• accessories can be put on any Journey Girl

Recommended Age: 4-8 years
Brand: Journey Girls

Meredith Doll Soft Body

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