Medium Oval Pool 148cm X 100cm X 42cm [new Product] [FIELDOOR Big Size Of The Full-length 1.5m]

Medium oval pool 148cm x 100cm x 42cm [new product] [FIELDOOR big size of the full length 1.5m]

Medium oval pool 148cm x 100cm x 42cm [new product] [FIELDOOR big size of the full length 1.5m]
Medium oval pool 148cm x 100cm x 42cm [new product] [FIELDOOR big size of the full length 1.5m]
Item Weight2.1 Kg
Product Dimensions100 x 148 x 42 cm
Age recommended by the manufacturer:18 and more
Reference manufacturerG06374AA
Assembly mustNo
Batteries / Batteries required?No
Batteries / Batteries included?No
Remote control included?No
Shipping Weight2.1 Kg


  1. Main body size: at the time of completion (about) 148cm x 100cm x 42cm
  2. Body material: PVC
  3. It does not come with body-repair patch air pump: air chamber: one air chamber accessories. Please note that if you want to change without notice, there is design specifications. There is a case to Seem That in hue is different by a monitor image.
  4. Please contact our support center, so we will replace it with a new one if the hole, using a tear Within one week, it was found, such as salmon. (Will be excluded if I was allowed to determinates the Damage Caused by the use of the customer.)
  5. This product uses PVC. Please note that the characteristics of the material, Because there Is that painting, etc. or discoloration, color migration to the pool body use in the place That is the processing of paints and coatings, etc. on the surface.
Family pool of “Big Size And enjoy the resort feeling in your garden or balcony! I really want to go to the big pool and river and sea! But you can easily every day playing in the water in a house if there is this pool! playing in the water of the child! Playing in the water with my friends in the family!
Pool play on the balcony garden and hot day!
Where you put the big pool is this. no I can enjoy handy in the middle size! 
Children who want to play in the pool every day This is delighted! Others point It is let me play with confidence and notice how your child from the side Because It is blue skeleton!
Since the air layer on the side is divided into vertical, there is a stability superior strength and elasticity.
Foot will not be hurt Because it is structure air to enter to bottom. I cope with the electric air pump! air pump is not attached to this product.
That I recommend you purchase separately the electric air pump.
(I can cope When It Was what the adapter port is with an electric air pump on the market.)


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