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MAN TGA Garbage Truck Rear-Loader, Includes 2 Bins


Loading Garbage Truck

It is always fascinating for children when the garbage truck comes by with a lot of noise and empties bins, large and small. Bruder has been around for several years since releasing the garbage truck set. So far the most popular model, 02760 MAN, is now replaced by a modern rear loader that moves real trash through two rotating spindles backward and compresses it. The model can empty both small containers as well. To discharge the garbage truck, the valve can be opened at truck back.

• Includes 2 bins
• Made of high-quality plastic

Recommended Age: 3-14 years
Brand: Bruder

MAN Garbage Truck Rear Loader

First Gear 1:34 Scale Custom Garbage Truck – Mack “R” Series w/ McNeilus Rear-Load

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