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Kawaii Crush. Hyper Happy Mall Of Spin Master


Hyper Happy Mall

With the Hyper Happy Mall of Spin Master, you can now have the best and modern venue for all of your Kawaii dolls! Here, the motley friends of animals, fashion, and makeup jointly fit-able with each other, gossiping about boys and shopping in peace. They get a new pet from a pet store, try new clothes in a fashion shop, explain their joint moments in a photo booth, or make themselves a tasty snack in a snack bar. Because of the many accessories you and your dolls will have lots to do.

Description: • Contents: 1 Hyper Happy Mall, 1 Kawaii Crush pop, 3 pets, 10 clothing styles, 20 accessories
• Ultima Tief Kawaii Crush – mall with pet shop, snack bar or photo booth
• Recommended age: 5-8 years.

CAUTION: This item is not suitable for children under 5 years. Use under adult supervision.
Brand: Kawaii

Crush Mall Playset Ultima Tief

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