Maestro Balade 5 In 1 Swing Car


Maestro Comfort

The grows with 5 in 1 – swing car Maestro Comfort is a reliable and multifunctional toys for toddlers. A real multi-talent: it is a play station, bouncer, stroller, swing car and walker in one and supports the motor development of your child. Because it grows with the needs of your child, from 6 months up to the third birthday and helps him or her there to gradually become mobile. Both inside and outside.

Cute swing car accompanies your child as early as the sixth month the first years of life. Whether the object is now tilting safe rocking chair or as a practical manual cart for exciting adventures of the little explorers used or just nice to sit, play and relax – the Maestro comfort with its safety bar, the comfortable seat with upholstery, the wide footrests and removable push bar a real multi-talent. The both sides playable activity with sounds and light effects stimulates playfully motor skills and imagination. Along with the play phone will exclude boring.
Is the desire to be too great on their own, then the faithful playmate just a walking car. Stick to the back and the first steps can already be practiced.

  • From about 6 months: rocker / push chair / play station
  • From about 10 months: walking aid
  • From approx 12 months: walking car
  • Just about after the first birthday the safety bar can be easily removed so that the little ones with a flexible vehicle to explore their environment: a brand new way of locomotion, like the big kids ride and exciting adventures.

Brand: Smoby

Maestro Balade Swing Car From
Maestro Balade 5 in 1 Swing Car

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