Lovenest With Breathable Fabric, Brown

Manduca Baby Carrier

Babies are very sensitive and therefore it is extremely important for young parents to give their child feel comfortable or to protect it from injury. This magnificent Babymoov Love Nest is a cushion with round hole exactly tailored. The shape of the baby’s head He may serve to spare. Mind your baby when lying as soft and ergonomic headrest From birth, this restraint be used, for example in bed, in the pram or bouncer everywhere. The lining fabric is breathable and is made of 92% cotton and 8% elastane. The substance can be washed. Brand: Babymoov
Love Nest With Breathable Fabric
Lovenest With Breathable Fabric, Brown

Back carry in a Manduca baby carrier

How to get your baby (6mths +) onto your back AND back out again in a Manduca baby carrier without any assistance. kids baby nest babymoov …

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