Flufflings Jumping Up To 20 Cm. From Animagic



Do you love everything that is cozy, warm, and cuddly? Then you will have fun with this hop and giggle hugs from Animagic. They come in different colorful colors, packaged in an attractive, open container, and are waiting to play with you. These cheerful, colorful Flufflings love to jump high in the air and have fun. With cool sound effects and words, these soft, cozy cuddle balls will bring joy to your expression. To make the funny creatures skip, just press down and let them go. They can jump up to 20 cm in the air! Do you want a hug as a friend? Then do not hesitate to take one of these dear comrades back home to play. Flufflings need a lot of attention and reward you with endless play, fun, and excitement. Discover their world and become enchanted by these small, colorful plush balls

Description: • Size (height): 17cm
• Weight:200 g
• Jumps up to 20cm in the air
• Sound Effects
• Flufflings jump by pressing down on them
Material: plush
• Colors: blue, purple, pink
• Battery: 3x LR44
• Recommended age: 4-8 years.

This item is not suitable for children under 48 months.
Brand: Animagic

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Flufflings – Jiggly, Giggly Puffs of Fluff!

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