Wakz’ Pack Tracker Is Part Of The LEGO®Chima


Wakz Pack Tracker

The LEGO® – Wakz Pack Tracker is part of the LEGO®Chima. Chima – game world is unprecedented in danger. When Wakz, Winzar and Equila not manage to conquer the CHI back Chima will perish and the good losses. It is in your hands in order to prevent this disaster Wakz Pack Tracker The ultra-strong field Tracker performs the wolf pack and paves the way. The robust tires Pack Tracker is suitable for any terrain and  forces the spectacular wolf design a lot of respect from the opponents. Even in pursuits that are called to draw near are you with the Wakz Pack Tracker perfectly equipped for your responsibilities, because he has a secret turbo drive, with the press of a missile launch button and takes you directly to the site of the battle. As you fall particularly on the dangerous wolf claws on the wheels and the pointy fangs on the muzzle of the Wakz Pack Tracker. With your strong rear drive, you can take your booty to your camp after winning a battle and you take CHI home. Embark on this dangerous mission of the LEGO® Chima – game world and shows the Wakz Pack Tracker in his march.


Description: • Size (LxWxH): approx 20 x 16 x 17cm
• Combined with the LEGO® Chima – game world
• Suitable for use on any terrain
• Consists of 297 parts
• Recommended age: 8-14 years

Accessories: • 3 minifigures, 2 Chi – arms, standard weapon

Item is not designed for children under 8 years. Use under adult supervision.
Recommended Age: 8-14 years
Brand: LEGO® Legends Of Chima

Wakz Pack Tracker is part of the LEGO®Chima

Lego Chima Wakz Pack Tracker 70004

LEGO 70004 Wakz Pack Tracker LEGO Legends of Chima Review


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