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LEGO DUPLO: Cars 2 – Agent Mater


Cars Agent Mater

Mater has been given a large shooter by his spies friends, but is not sure how to use it. You can practice with him so that he becomes a real sharpshooter.
This item is not suitable for children under 24 months.
Recommended Age: 2-5 years

LEGO® DUPLO Cars Agent Mater

Cars Toon – ENGLISH – Mater’s Tall Tales – Maters – McQueen – kids movie – Mater Toons – the cars

Disney Cars Agent Mater by Lego Duplo -Mater, Lightning McQueen, Cars Pixar Disney Cars

My daughter is proof that the movie Cars s not just for boys. While “Cars” (1 or 2) is not her all-time favorite movie, but she still loves watching the Lightning McQueen and the antics of … lego duplo cars agent mater …

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