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Intex Rectangular Above Ground, 450 X 220 X 84 Cm By Intex


Intex rectangular above ground, 450 x 220 x 84 cm by Intex

Intex rectangular above ground, 450 x 220 x 84 cm by Intex
Intex rectangular above ground, 450 x 220 x 84 cm by Intex
Intex rectangular above ground, 450 x 220 x 84 cm by Intex
Intex rectangular above ground, 450 x 220 x 84 cm by Intex


  1. Dimensions: 450 x 220 x 84 cm.
  2. Dimensions: ca. 450 x 220 x 84 cm
  3. Water tank capacity (90%): 7127 liters
  4. 3-layer material, resistant to drilling

FRAME RECTANGULAR POOL CM. 450X220X84 capacity 90% water 7.127 liters, busy at 508X277 cm ground clearance, works with cod 28604 cartridge filter pump, water flow 2.006 l / h, the system stream of 1,798 l / h (NOT INCLUDED), voltage 220-240V, BLUE, TIME ASSEMBLY 30 , 2 PEOPLE


Question: I want to know if you can put how much water you want or by force to the edge?

Answer: I do not recommend it to exceed the line indicated to the board that put less water. The water has a specific weight equal to 1, and a liter is equivalent to 1 kg. When it reaches the edge indicated which corresponds to about 90 percent of the total volume of the pool, get a weight of about 1800kg (1800 liters, almost 2 m the. I do not recommend either of exceeding the line indicated to the board that put less water. The water has a specific weight equal to 1, and a liter is equivalent to 1 kg. When it reaches the edge indicated which corresponds to about 90 percent of the total volume of the pool, get a weight of about 1800kg (1800 liters, almost 2 cubic meters of water), the strongly discouraged to exceed that amount otherwise the same structure gives because both the cloth that the frame are calibrated to stay safely with the water on the line of the edge. If instead puts less water in the pool is likely to not stand because it sustains thanks to the weight force that distributes the water on the whole structure and with less water could occur movements on gatherings of the structure itself. If you need a pool with less water or more low can buy something more small it might be more suitable. Keep in mind that any solution will choose, needs a circulation pump, because the still water without any chlorine additives, generates decaying bacteria and makes forming algae and microorganisms on the bottom of the pool. This version specifically does not have the recirculation pump to Kit. I suggest you check out the following link which could be the most suitable solution to their needs: https: // www. intexitalia. com / pools.

Question: I have a pump intex model 604 M is fine x this pool?

Answer: Hello. it’s okay.

Question: And How high? And how wide?

Answer: MEASURES ARE: cm. 220x150x60 h – capacity lt. 1. 662.

Question: Good morning, I would like to know whether to mount just two people and more or less time. thank you so much.

Answer: Alone, about half an hour, and that the important thing is level and when filling the creases from the pool bottom are removed.

Seller: Intex

5.0 out of 5 stars


2 July 2016

Size: 300 x 200 x 75 cm. Tired of swimming pools with rigid walls inflatable ring but this year I decided to buy this model. Very easy to assemble and even in the short term. I’ve settled on one of those puzzle mats pools purchased previously. I recommend if you like me to spread the adagerete on self-locking protection under before filling. Protection that can be the puzzle, as in my case, rather than a carpet mold for swimming pool or whatever. I combined my pool with this filter (not including any filter in the box) Pump with sand filter Intex 28644 from 4,5mc / h for underground pools fuoriterra- And with this towel to cover it
Intex 28038 Copripiscina Frame Rectangular 300×200 cm I. 6
All 3 of these elements together do a great job and I will save you quite a bit of money on the inputs in private pools where without having bought all this I took my daughter this summer. Frankly I would advise flying colors having not seen, at the time, no problem and / or defect.
5.0 out of 5 stars

Gianluca N

23 August 2015

Cut : 220 x 150 x 60 cm. I have a garden and then I put the pool on the terrace, providing it with a wooden board venge (removable).
A show.
With small modifications (plastic clips) you can reduce the size of palerie arranging them in perfect vertical, and then imprisoning the entire structure in a marine plywood. Once a painted and equipped with the board it looks like a fixed bowl.
The material of the tub and great, cleans well and is pleasant to the touch.
I equipped the swimming pool of a pump (always Intex) with filter and I have to say and indispensable: using a 4 actions produced tablets (chlorine, algae, etc.) in two and a half months I never had to change the water which is always crystalline. One flaw the lack of depth (they are 50 cm of water in the actual use).
In these months of infernal heat this small pool, transformed into the Roman bath, made the difference. And moreover bought on offer to a shameful price!
Recommended for those who have little space.
4.0 out of 5 stars

giuseppe marfone

18 September 2015

Size: 260 x 160 x 65 cm. I would say a good pool, not the size of swimming races, but the summer heat is really good. Assembly and was really easy, and I recommend you do it at least two. If you have a garden where you place it MUST be really leveled at risk of creating a kind of roller coaster, I solved by creating a floor, (with piastrelloni granite), and the result is really good, so doing your legs are not likely to sink in the ground under the weight of the water contained in the pool. We’re talking about three cubic meters of water. If you buy, buy also the filter, cleaning kit and float for chlorine, so will your perfect pool. So have fun.
20/09/2015 A note negative I still have to do it. The drain plug, (and filling), is about 10 cm from the base of the pool, so when you have to empty it, does not empty completely, you have to remove those 10 cm of water left hand, and I assure you that not a nice one. It s just a warning.
5.0 out of 5 stars


15 July 2015

Cut : 220 x 150 x 60 cm. I am very satisfied of this pool. The size and perfect for children (I have 3 from 4 to 11 years) and we are comfortable to bathe. The material is very good, excellent finishing and quite easy to install. It contains 1600 liters of water, so I then had to take the filter pump to aid in cleaning. It has the holes for the filter pump already arranged on a side of the pool, more a hole for emptying. The council with the purchase also the filter pump. I note that in the instructions advise against putting it on the lawn.
5.0 out of 5 stars


8 July 2015

Size: 300 x 200 x 75 cm. I have only one week and after already many daily baths can say:
Beautiful small pool of mt. 3 (length) x2 (width) x 0. 75mt. (Depth). Impression of solidity and reliability.
Absolutely mirroring expectations. I would say even more. The pool material (cloth blue PVC) and really strong and it gives the impression. Beautiful internal staining with drawn the mattonelline typical mosaic of pools that recalls the aesthetics of traditional swimming pool. The tubes that sustain it are adapted to the weight and structure. They fit into each other by pulling them into the sleeve provided in the cloth, and that one piece. Then it mounts easily by following the instructions (booklets in all languages, even in Italianao). It must be absolutely in 2 to mount it otherwise it becomes difficult to get it right. It was the first time for us and in a hour or so in 2 people have installed everything, including an adequate fund (not included). Advised in fact to put anything between the ground and the fabric of the pool: we put a green sheet of waxed blue rubber large checks that fit together in the puzzle of the best way (important) a fake grass carpet 2×3 mt. The result is a solid bottom but at the same time soft and pleasant underfoot. I still removed from the ground before every stone possible to avoid cuts to the screen or pain in the feet!
I bought separately a pump (not included therefore in the pack) of Intex always a bit over-dimensioned so that a complete abundant now already filtering all the water in the pool filled on 55 / 60 cm. (About 3. 000/3. 500 liters). The water returns pretty clean and transparent. I got it and absolutely recommend it also created a pool cover for what (blue cloth shaped the Best Way 2×3 mt always on Amazon that fits perfectly shod perfectly: only the strings to tie it are vile and come apart immediately, replacing them with wire to spread out far more resistant to water and to the chlorine Velcro).
My 7 year old son likes the big pool. I and my wife we ​​get to play in a very pleasant and refreshing: you can not swim because of the size but also lots of fun a lot!  This definitely recommend it because it assolutamentei all the money spent.
Pay attention to level the soil completely avoiding to leave inclines otherwise the entire structure would be affected and not rimarrebbbe stable. 3 mt. x 2 does not look great but it is already a body of water of considerable weight (000 liters = 3. about 3. 000 kg of mass that can not well stabilized be a problem). Absolutely necessary to furnish it to filter pump and anti-algae chlorine products (that and still a necessary rite for each pool).
The total space occupied and about 30 cm. in more for each side it is seen that there are the “feet” that the lateral stabilize and precisely that protrude about 30 cm. per side. So in addition to the vertical legs at the 4 corners there are also 2 protruding supporting legs for each long side and protruding leg 1 for each short side. Then consider having a free surface of at least mt. 3. 60 x2. 60.
If you have kids and even advisable to immediately purchase the appropriate ladder for swimming because otherwise the small bypass leaning on the sides (putting to – useless – strain on the joints interlocking of the tubes.). In contrast, adults can easily step over the edge without touching it over. I bought the lineup only after assembly at a gardening center and I paid 45 dollar (10 dollar in more than on Amazon.).
Conclusion: very good buy, and great satisfaction of the water lovers!!
4.0 out of 5 stars


8 July 2013

Size: 300 x 200 x 75 cm. We bought the 3×2 for not having a monstrous thing in the garden so many we just stay inside soaked and without swimming. While sitting the water will arrive safely at the neck, and there relaxing at large. The pool does NOT have the pump that must be purchased separately.
It should be affected in the floor and under must be put there anything that prevents that stones do the bumps on the bottom (we first put the green sheet for mulching and then a synthetic grass carpet that makes it very chewy bottom)
Get the need for maintenance:
chlorine, control strips, anti algae, floating chlorine dispenser and towel.
Above the pool you have to spend more spending 70-80 dollar but are necessary otherwise you will have green water and insects lying around and make it useless. With a minimum of maintenance you will have a great product.
I highly recommend it as a choice than round with inflatable ring.
Amazon as good as ever Diego.
5.0 out of 5 stars

Fabio Trezza

11 July 2016

Size: 450 x 220 x 84 cm. Having previously had an inflatable oval pool with some problems too I decided to change. I say that, well done. for the kids and a lot of fun.
Installation instructions understandable, certainly a more complicated Po for installation compared to an inflatable but I must say that, and worth it.
5.0 out of 5 stars


13 July 2015

Size: 260 x 160 x 65 cm. I purchased this pool to keep her in the garden, as the cats I have two rubber holes in them! This is perfect, beautiful for bathing with my children. To fill it true that it takes about an hour and a half, but it’s really worth. fairly simple installation. Recommended.
5.0 out of 5 stars


13 July 2015

Size: 300 x 200 x 75 cm. Really good product, the best buy I could do for the summer, bought quality material along with covers and pool pump Recycling water, perfect size for someone like me who has a small child, of course, you can not miss the compliments to amazon and the dealer got everything on time, product.
2.0 out of 5 stars

elisabetta anfosso

12 July 2016

Size: 260 x 160 x 65 cm. The package and arrived on schedule and externally in good condition, but once mounted the pool has two small holes, so defective factory. I’ll ask the replacement. For the rest seems a good product ,.

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