Intex Easy Copripiscina 457 Cm I.4 By Intex

Intex Easy Copripiscina 457 cm I.4 by Intex

Intex Easy Copripiscina 457 cm I.4 by Intex
Intex Easy Copripiscina 457 cm I.4 by Intex
Intex Easy Copripiscina 457 cm I.4 by Intex


  1. of the INTEX ® Brand Cover sheet for a portable swimming pool
  2. For the pool with a diameter 457 cm
  3. overhang of 30 cm
  4. With the rope for fixing
Copripiscina for Cm EASY pools. 457


Question: Have the cloth Copripiscina cn 4.27 diameter?
Answer: Yeah I have. Because of the absence of this product are you requesting what you want. Thank you.
Question: It also goes well x a pool but not self-supporting with the struts?
Answer: No, it is good only for round pools like the one photographed.
Question: And compatible with the frame pool? Thanks.
Answer: Buenos dias, lo siento, pero no. On An saludo Vanesa

Question: I have the bestway from 3. 66 and have already bought the same brand towel with bad result which is short. This comes neglio?
Answer: I have one from 3. 05 and the cloth covers perfectly, for that from 3. 66 I can not help you I’m sorry.

Seller: Intex

5.0 out of 5 stars


29 July 2016

It will seem, but with this tarp over the pool, there to work less to keep it “in order.”
First of all it avoids that, when not used, there fall insects, leaves and other. Then avoids the formation of other pollutants too fast (algae, etc).
At first it seemed the wrong size, but verified the inflation of the board, and PERFECT result.
And for those who do not know what are the holes, I answer: try to put it and remove it without the help of other people and you will see. Moreover leaves “swapping” a bit temperature, preventing the water becomes perfect for pasta.

5.0 out of 5 stars


19 July 2015

Size: 305 cm. The product is extremely effective, and a rubberized canvas that smoothly covers the pool, stable (does not rise with the wind) and it contributes significant to heat the water (just taken off, in full sunshine , you have to mix well water because the first 15 / 20cm in depth are very hot, when mixed makes it a great warmth to dive without trauma.
the only flaw, and that upon contact with water the cloth tends to fade, but does not affect its operation.
To me and come in dark blue, not blue like the one in the picture. I bought to replace the previous one made of canvas but over time began to shed fibers and to release water small azzurrri residues, compromising clarity. With this I solved the problem.
However I am satisfied and I recommend buying.

4.0 out of 5 stars

Alessandro C

10 June 2016

Size: 244 cm. Use the cloth on the small pool 1,83mt for which I knew would be great. Also pulled strings you can not fix well blocked inflatable ring. However the fact that overflows allows me to also cover the filter pump protecting it from the weather.
Above the cloth and drilled to drain water. Very durable.

3.0 out of 5 stars


16 June 2014

Size: 305 cm. Good material often resistant, it is not so tight as in the picture, there are the threads to pull it but you can not pull it altogether and after a while yields, (but I have not the same brand a swimming pool, perhaps also affects that) but can not find much of a problem. As previous reviewers have said the water beneath remains a bit chilly. There are holes over approximately the size of a thumb, to push through the air I, behold, I would have made them smaller than otherwise enters too much rain and even enters dirt and insects for charity less than the obviously not have it, but cmq several of them fit. Immediate assembly. That is because its price. i wouldnt do not, I would go on a thermal, last year to cover it I used a nylon cloth, most uncomfortable but kept more clean and more hot water.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Jasmine Z

3 July 2016

Cut : 366 cm. Towel to cover your above ground pools with a diameter 366.
Before I had the sheet of bestway but, I do not want the maker, it was not comfortable to “adjust” to the pool and the following summer you and torn in more points without doing anything. The material is the same as the blue towels that advise to put under the pool.
While this cloth and special! First and shaped and believe me, and really useful, and then type rubberized material, very durable and elastic.

4.0 out of 5 stars


16 July 2016

Size: 244 cm. I took this towel to cover a round pool of mt. 1. 80. Does very well his work and the material and good; in fact, not the classic style plastic tarp ones garden, but it looks the same material of the sheets of the same pools. The only flaw, in my opinion improved. The cloth has holes for water drainage in case of rain; the holes are wide and an inch is far too long. Maybe some pore less and more small (even type mosquito net) would have done his job too, leaving out the bugs that instead we fly in.

5.0 out of 5 stars


17 July 2016

Size: 244 cm. Convenient and easy to put on and remove. I do it quietly alone. And a good material and a good color. Okay for the pool from 244 and also keeps in shape since my stays slightly crooked and oval because a part of the land and a more low-centimeter.

5.0 out of 5 stars


8 August 2015

Size: 244 cm. Of 244 cm fits perfectly to the pool and rallies around the inflatable top ring with a lasso.
In addition to preserving the water cleaning, also protects the aforementioned ring from the claws of kittens, or your step.
The holes on the surface of the cloth used to let rain water in the pool and to prevent the cloth itself is water overload, going to damage the pool structure. Things to buy, highly recommended!

5.0 out of 5 stars

Tadiana Low

1 September 2015

Size: 305 cm. I purchased QST coverage already from QKE month but I waited to review the article to see if it was indeed functional and valid. Now I can say that I am satisfied. Coverage and remained intact over time, although it is not easy to position it above the pool pke pulling too much on the one hand it takes away from the other, but with a little patience you can anke if you are alone. Delivery time as always impeccable.

5.0 out of 5 stars

LG d

23 July 2016

Good workmanship, almost surprising given the small price, fits perfectly on the edge of the pool, and do not even need to pull cables on the perimeter to block it, remains taut above the pool, I suggest, when worn the cloth, to accompany the movement by pushing with one hand the poolside inflated air inward in a way to make less friction, place it for good by making a second lap around the pool with the same maneuver, and you’re done, it will be stretched taut as in photo.
I saw some negative reviews about the holes that are present on the cloth, do not put them by chance or by a defect, imagine if it rains the cloth would fill up with water and you ripiegherebbe towards the center at the risk of tearing everything and then to remove it with the weight of the water.
So I suggest people to inform themselves before judging a product. However despite the holes in the pool is well protected from impurities, it may be that some insettino enters through the holes, but just a screen to clean up some impurities.

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