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BIBA Hydrophilic Bierbaum Diapers


Double Woven

The BIBA hydrophilic Bierbaum diapers present you will one less worry. With the cute bear design and a size of 80 x 80cm, you are always well-equipped. Double woven and reinforced with a centerpiece, they are very absorbent and reliable; just right for small, active kids. Give your child a sense of purity and security.

Description: • Size (l x w): 80cm x 80cm
Material: 100% cotton
• Per 3 wrapped
• Double woven
• With reinforced middle
• Extra absorbent
• Clinically tested
• With bear prints
• Recommended age: birth- 3 years

Brand: BIBA

Hydrophilic Diapers With Print Material

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