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Giant Inflatable Donut-shaped Chocolate DONUT By B&M


Giant inflatable donut shaped Chocolate DONUT by B&M

Giant inflatable donut shaped Chocolate DONUT by B&M
Giant inflatable donut shaped Chocolate DONUT by B&M
Giant inflatable donut shaped Chocolate DONUT by B&M


  1. bigmouth Inc Chocolate Donut Pool Float by bigmouth Inc
  2. One Size

The donut and one of the ways to call the jacket, after all, the shape clearly reminds one of the sweet typical Americans, Donuts, also known and appreciated here in Italy, and made even the legendary Homer. Inflatable donut that we see now seems taken right from the logo that has proliferated around the globe when it came out of the Simpsons movie at the cinema. In fact, the O of the word “movie” was made by a Donut Frosted Pink, and animation could be seen Homer give him a bite. In the pool as the sea we can relax and let rocked this sweet Donut Giant Chocolate. Dimensions: 1.20 mt (dim. Inner circle 46cm) Material: vinyl

Item Weight757 g
Product Dimensions121.9 x 30.5 x 121.9 cm
Model NumberBMPF-CD
Assembly mustNo
Batteries / Batteries required?No
Batteries / Batteries included?No
Remote control included?No
Shipping Weight898 g

Seller: B&M

2.0 out of 5 stars

Alessandra Alex. Cardaci (ReA Dec. Or)

9 January 2016

Over there it is “somewhat” comfortable. not a chair, obviously. cute at the beginning and for the first days of utlilizzo. then it soon becomes clear that E A RIP: – (! ). Gift appreciable FOR ADULTS ALSO chubby. a donut really nice. brings joy, in both versions (albeit with R, my husband, we prefer the bitten chocolate donut and not the one with the “frosting” pink). THERE GOES A LITTLE A inflate (not less than 10/15 minutes. better use of pumps for mats. and YES SGONFICCHIA KEEP. beautiful rotturetta). For fattuta and materials NOT NOTHING OF OUTSTANDING, considering SPECIES IN THE PLASTIC. PAY THE FORM AND THE IDEA (not cheap! ). The interior has a diameter of almost 50 centimetr for an exterior that comes to about 1.20 meters in circles. if meager one can pass from below. AND GREAT FOR CHILDREN. so watch out. we play well as well at sea with the waves, the risk and bucarla if it strusciar too much on stones and rocks (simple repair, unfortunately ruined.). He did not give us problems redness of the skin according to soak or allergy, both with chlorinated water and with that of salt. but. aime AND MADE OF VINYL. sore point. NE. WE FEAR THE tOXICITY also. worst. and it lucidin IF EXPOSED TO THE SUN AND CONTINUOUS ITS RAYS discolors BECOMING ugly in no time: – ((. delusioneeeeeeeeeeeee, to throw (it always happens! So with that pink so much with this: – / ).
5.0 out of 5 stars


14 August 2015

The inflation process and abbasanza long, despite the pump at the foot, but it is a beach accessory that is the envy of all and especially comfortable to relax. We ?? giant!
5.0 out of 5 stars


September 5, 2015

Quality material. suggested for relaxing and funny moments in the pool. A must have. Take Your Time to find your own position on it, take selfies and share it with friends.
2.0 out of 5 stars


24 July 2016

The not the same color I do not like anything I regretted it only because I hold I can not find another.

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