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FRAME POOL 732X366X132COMB By Intex


FRAME POOL 732X366X132COMB by Intex

FRAME POOL 732X366X132COMB by Intex


  1. INTEX ULTRA FRAME POOL 732X366 CM PUMP SAND chlorinator 54980

Pool Ultra Frame rectangular 732x366x132 cm with a sand pump chlorinator combo from 6,000 l / h and accessories The cloth, heat resistant and reliable, and consists of two outer layers of PVC and an inner polyester knit, that It makes the pool a solidity without equal. The outer metal structure that supports the PVC tarpaulin and made rustproof galvanized steel. The corner joints are semi-mobile, so that the flexible structure and resistant to shock and waves. The mounting system has been simplified compared to traditional frame addition, the new pearl gray color has a pleasant and elegant visual impact. The PUMP SAND and the best combination of filtering devices, as part of the cost optimization and cleaning of the pool water. The filter is equipped with a 6 valve functions: – filtration – backwash – rinse – circulation – draining – stop The new generation OF CHLORINE GENERATOR with algaecide system. During the filtration process the apparatus produces, via the plates to the titanium, the natural and safe chlorine to a barely perceptible level by swimmers. The pool is simply sanitized pouring in water non-iodized salt, allowing the electrolytic cell to produce chlorine. Furthermore, the chlorine generator includes the function of ionization to the copper, which are released through the high-potential bactericidal and algicidal ions which disinfect even at a higher level than that of chlorine. Features: – Liner PVC laminated triple layer. – Side structure Supporting treated steel resistant to rust and corrosion Accessories included: – Combined sand pump with chlorine generator from 6,000 l / h Intex (recommended use with this pool for 5 or 6 hours per day) – Base cover – Telo Hedging – Ladder – Deluxe cleaning kit with skimmer included – Volleyball Set

Age recommended by the manufacturer:18 and more

Seller: Intex

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