Kaiser: Lambskin Footmuff


Practical Zip

Whether weather is cool or humid weather and you want to take a stroll through the city or it’s freezing and you want your child to stay cozy why you’re Christmas shopping, this high-quality lambskin footmuff from Kaiser is a great accessory for you and your child. The footmuff has a white cover with a lambskin, which can be used if desired. Folded up, it stores more heat and protects against drafts. The footmuff be opened at any time with a zipper.

Description: • Wrap lambskin for warmth
• Practical zip around and is soft and comfortable
• Matches any conventional strollers, with six strap slots
• The coated outer fabric is stain and water resistant
Material: 100% polyamide outer, inner 100% lambskin
• Weight: 1200 grams
• Size: 90cm x 45cm

Recommended Age: 6 months – 3 years
Brand: Kaiser

Footmuff Lambskin Paat Anthracite Practical

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