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Fashionable Beads Gallery – 600 Rainbow Beads


Fashionable Beads Gallery

With the fashionable beads gallery “Totally Me,” you can let your creativity run wild. Design your own necklaces and bracelets or give them on your best friends. The different sizes, shapes, and colors of the beads provide endless possibilities. A perfect gift for all girls who love jewelry.

Description: • 150 letter beads
• 600 rainbow beads
• 120 beads with a layer of metal
• 5 amulets
• 22 tangle drawstring and two tangle drawstring
• 8 hooks for earrings
• 4 clips for earrings
• 12 brackets

Recommended Age: 8-11 years
Brand: Totally Me

Fashionable Beads Gallery Rainbow Beads

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