Bundle. Farm With Farmer, Dog, Tractor, Trailer, Vegetables And Parts Of A Fence


Petting Zoo

In your Little People – city there are two new businesses opened. The petting zoo will d attraction for children to be. There are a hare and a sheep who want to be petted and cuddled. And the chicken? That is nice to cackle. This sweet animal caretaker loves it to protect her and care for animals. Right next to the petting zoo, a farm added. The farmer drives a tractor on the field and loads the harvest with very ripe vegetables on the trailer to sell it later. While driving back home, greeted the dog happily barking him. Both the children and the farm are an asset to the city.
Description: • Petting with four animals, one playing piece, one stable and parts for a fence
• Farm with one farmer and a dog, one tractor and trailer, vegetables and parts of a fence
Material: plastic
• Recommended age: 12 months

Item is not designed for children under 12 months.
Recommended Age: 12 months – 4 years
Brand: Little People

Children’s Petting Zoo

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