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Downtown Bakery. LEGO® Friends


Downtown Bakery Review

Mmm, fresh baked treats taste great. Heartland also now has its own bakery. Help Mia and Danielle in baking and selling all tasty stuff. In the oven already smells of fruit cake and there are also cookies and croissants, all very popular products among customers. Go to the kitchen and prepared for everything, so it can be with everything the heart desires. Then the bakery filled of course it is also delicious smelling fresh bread for breakfast. Everything is ready, customers can come. Bet there again today many customers will come and checkout keeps ringing.

Description: • Contents: 253 parts
• Size (HxLxW): 10 x 20 x 13cm (bakery)
• Recommended age: from 6-12 years
Item is not designed for children under 6 years. Use under adult supervision.

Brand: LEGO® Friends

LEGO Friends Downtown Bakery Review, Set 41006

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