Double-Padded Headrest

Double Padded Headrest

Put your baby in a soft and comfortable bed with this double padded headrest. The padded headrest combines two padded headrests and is ideal for newborns and small children. The inner padded headrest provides a comfortable sleeping surface especially toddlers and newborn children. This can be removed when the baby has grown. The double stuffed head is beautifully crafted and available in different colors. Description: • Double padded headrest • Ideal for newborns and small infants • Inner padded headrest can be removed for larger babies • Fits most strollers, baby car seats, and baby carriers • Front Material: 100% cotton • Back Material: 65 % polyester, 35 % cotton • Filling: 100% polyester • machine washable (max 30°C) Recommended Age: Newborn children – 24 months
Double Stuffed Head Set Ideal

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