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Deluxe Pool (Keropparando) (japan Import) By Igarashi


Deluxe Pool (Keropparando) (japan import) by Igarashi

Deluxe Pool (Keropparando) (japan import) by Igarashi

Item Weight2.6 Kg
Product Dimensions38.2 x 30.1 x 11.5 cm
Age recommended by the manufacturer:18 and more
Model NumberPDK-159
Shipping Weight3.1 Kg


  1. and (before inflating) 150X35cm: body size
  2. Target Gender: Unisex
  3. Age: at the age of six
  4. The main production country: China
  5. safety standards: ST Mark

The leavening 150 35 Size (cm) ::
Size (cm)
[Product specifications] 152 40 Target age: 6 years of age or older [product details] hot summer , children’s wading pool was designed Keropparando happily in the garden dedicated exhaust air outlet with
: Remarks. In Exhaust exclusive air mouth, I can quickly exhaust.

Seller: Igarashi

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