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Birch Wood Climbing Tower. Holds Up To 40 Kg, Height 170 Cm


Climbing Tower

Climbing like a world champion.
Hang the climbing tower on the tree or on a climbing frame and clamber to the top. You see all the birds flying through the air above. It is a little bit unstable, so find a safe position and hold tight. You can rock with it and enjoy the air. In the winter,  the climbing tower also can be used inside the house. Due to its sophisticated construction and triangular design, the climbing tower is a stable toy that creates tons of action. Exciting fun for young children.

Description: • Total height: approx. 170 cm
• Holds up to 40 kg
• Joined: birch wood
• Rope: nylon
• Suspension Ring: galvanized

Item is not designed for children under 36 months.
Recommended Age: 3 years

Climbing Tower Taxable

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