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Category: Play Figures

Scenery Pack Petting

Petting Scenery Pack Schleich is rich in detail, hand painted and belongs to the theme of the Schleich Farm Life collection and playing pieces. The expansion of the children is open. The little lambs are eager to meet you. They have a food and water bowl and are happy with each visit. A lamb more

Schleich: Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon from Schleich is one of the detailed and hand-painted collection and playing pieces from Wild Animals. Bearded dragons are relatively large lizards from Australia. The animal looks like a small dragon with many spines. Bearded dragons are real omnivores with a large appetite; more

Star Wars Lightsaber

This Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber is a must-have for any Star Wars Fan. The cult weapon of the Jedi is a true classic. The new electronic lightsabers have a narrower handle and are better-suited for lightsaber battles with you and your best friends. The different models allow you to  play as more