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Bestway Inflatable Pool Rectangular “Vico” Small 269x175x51H Cm -10.2 Kg By Bestway


Bestway inflatable pool rectangular Vico Small 269x175x51H cm  10.2 kg by Bestway

resistant tubular frame – Vinyl-resistant pre-tested – Safety valves – two rings of the same size – valves for quick deflation – extra wide edges – Patch repair reinforced included – Weight 10.2 kg. 269x175x51H measures cm. Capacity 982 liters. (75%)


Question: Has the inflatable floor?

Answer: NO, they swell only two rings. Suitable for children up to 4 years to splash and play with the water cooling off, the water and low level so it is not dangerous. not recommended for larger children: size and especially height too limited.

Question: An adult is there comfortably inside? And or small?

Answer: Being 2.6 m long an adult you can sit / lay, the real problem and only the height (51 cm).

Seller: Bestway

4.0 out of 5 stars


3 July 2013

Delivery on schedule, everything ok as always. nice pool for the modest price that has, not great but for the splash of small children (2-4 years) is fine, at least not dangerous as it is filled to the maximum with 35 cm of water. It inflates in 5 minutes with a compressor, and deflates just as quickly.for the expenditures which I supported, I am satisfied.
2.0 out of 5 stars

marco c

16 July 2015

Pool as described, fast and punctual delivery, too bad that the pool has come already punctured or defect. I was forced to buy another one.

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