Badminton Set For 2 Persons With 3 Shuttlecocks


Plastic Shuttlecocks

Sport for the whole family. The Badminton set for 2 people with 3 plastic shuttlecocks STATS you enjoy the outdoors together. In no time, the garden is transformed into a real badminton court. Try to keep the shuttle in the air as long as possible and thereby control your opponent with precise strokes from one corner of the field to another. Train your strength and agility and organize a badminton tournament with friends and family.
The two rackets are robust thanks to the optimized design of the grip well in hand. The good covering ensures that you can perform powerful strokes. If you do not find a shuttle right away, this is no problem because you can immediately continue playing with the two spare shuttles.
The Badminton set for 2 persons is suitable for beginners and hobby players.
Description: • 2 rackets
• 3 plastic shuttlecocks
• Bag

Recommended Age: 5 years
Brand: STATS

Badmintonset Persons Plastic Shuttlecocks
Badminton Set for 2 Persons with 3 Shuttlecocks

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