Baby Pink Square Pool 105cm (japan Import) By Yonghe

Baby pink square pool 105cm (japan import) by Yonghe

Item Weight980 g
Product Dimensions27.8 x 21 x 5 cm
Age recommended by the manufacturer:18 and more
Reference manufacturerna
Shipping Weight980 g


  1. body size: 35 x 70 x 105cm
  2. Model direction
  3. Age: from 3 years
  4. The main production country: China
breakdown: Weight: 950g Color: Pink Size: [product details] about 105cm x 70cm x 30cm
depth “baby pink square-shaped pool” is a square pool of rectangular 105cm * 70 three years old or older age. The bottom is a picture of a frog skin. Depth is about 30cm. Because inflatable, inflate, some errors occur Depending on how to put in the air. The inflated to put how to use air, please use as a pool. There are no pieces of glass and thorns, a piece of metal, wood, and gravel That can cause damage in the vicinity to put a note 1. Pool in the use, please check. Please do not bring it close to fire and 2. tobacco 3. hygiene , please replace the water every day. too much to put in air 4.
, I can cause damage. Much remains little wrinkles in the inner portion is an appropriate amount. 5. air plug (it does not), and it is the dual structure of the valve and plug, but in the auxiliary valve to prevent rapid leakage of air, the valve does not stop at air. Please use it by inserting the plug always firmly. 6. air injection after , Push in the stopper (Sen), please use it by pushing strongly inside the body further. When plug is tight, please be inserted with a little wet. 7. water as you pull , and pumping out water in containers and in advance, open the lid of the cleanout plug, please drained by inserting a hand under the water vents from the outside.

Seller: Yonghe

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