Promote Playfully Concentration

This small playset from PlayBIG Animal Planet makes the ideal gift for children and is the best complement to the PlayBIG Animal Planet House Flowers or Paradise. The set contains a folding bridge or a bush with firing platform; each set has a beautiful, cute vehicle. Through the large drawbridge, decorated in soft pink and bright purple, the animals quickly and safely reach the other shore. On the side of the bridge railings of large flower leaves the necessary security worries. The set also contains a friendly little dog, which invites you to go to distant, fantasy worlds. In the large shrub with beautiful flowers, you can enjoy long walks. The flower is also a firing button, which allows the gentle animals to quickly shoot forward.

Material: plastic
• Promote playfully concentration, motor skills and imagination
• Recommended age: 12 months – 3 years

This item is available in different colors and designs.
This item is not suitable for children under 12 months.

ANIMAL PLANET Playset Promote Playfully

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