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Iron Man 3: All Stars Action Figure, Hydro Shock (Approx. 10cm)


An un-detonated missile left Tony Stark seriously injured in the first film. He could only be saved by an emergency surgery, where electromagnets were implanted in his chest After this event, which completely changed his life, Tony Stark sees it as his duty to fight evil in the world, and Iron Man is born.

In the third part of this story, Iron Man fights against the evil forces to protect the world. With new weapons and new suits, Tony Stark combats in breathtaking battles. With the 10-cm, detailed Iron Man figure, you can replay your livening scenes from the movies. Each character has its own strengths it will use against evil. What new adventure can you engage in with Iron Man? Find it out with the action figures and expand your collection.

Age Recommendation: 4+ years
This item is not suitable for children under 4 years.
Brand: Iron Man 3

All Stars Action Figure Hydro

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