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Above Ground Pool Bestway Round Fast September 457×122 Cm By Bestway


Above ground pool Bestway round Fast September 457x122 cm by Bestway

Above ground swimming pool Bestway round Fast September 457×122 outdoor self-supporting Bestway Pool with filter sand and included accessories Outdoor Swimming Pool Bestway Fast line of durable pvc super set. Particularly suitable for those with small spaces to manage (through space saving packaging) and little time for installation (thanks to the absence of additional components). The inflatable ring, feature of this self-supporting swimming pool and equipped with a wide safety valve with reinforced cap that serves to inflate quickly the pool. The Bestway pools are built with the extra resistant walls 3 and are formed by separate material layers. The inner layer of polyester mesh and welded in an industrial manner to the two outer layers consist of a durable and often layer of PVC, creating a thickness between 0.4 and 0.8 mm, depending on the pool size. For more information visit our new website dedicated exclusively to the pools above ground! Service customer support and after-sales Bestway in Italy: 02.36265839
Above ground swimming pool Bestway Fast Set Round Shape Type Fast Set Material PVC Diameter * Depth 457 cm * 122 cm Bestway 58258 Sand Filter Model Capacity (80%) 13807 L Space required 500 cm * The measures are refer to the liner without water. Pool accessories including Telo Telo cover basic summer pool Bestway ladder sand filter from 3785 l / h (recommended use with this pool for 4 or 5 hours a day) (58258 Filter code) Sand Silecea required particle size ca.  0.4 to 1.0 mm DVD for installation and maintenance of explanations on Patch reinforced repair


Question: You think the nails of cats can be a problem at the drilling level?

Answer: Yes.

Question: The sand there for the purifier.

Answer:   No, unfortunately, I had to take it apart. -1.

Question: Hello, I want to know how high are the exhaust pipes. thank you.

Answer: Hello, unfortunately now I have not yet mounted, however, if I remember correctly one and about forty cm. And the other sixty. I hope I was clear.
Bye bye Giuseppe

Seller: Bestway

4.0 out of 5 stars

Maximum Levoni

7 July 2014

Beautiful, large, simple management, fast installation but beware of the land that has to be pretty smooth but especially on the bubble. Among the sand to even the potholes of the garden $ 55, absorbent panels $ 120, $ 52 chemical, sand filter 10 $, strictly aqueduct water 80 $ Screen for impurities and extends to the bottom with spazzettone $ 30 calculated another 350 $ good bathroom and we hope to time the sun if you did not subscribe for life at municipal pools.
5.0 out of 5 stars


12 June 2015

The pool and excellent. Beautiful large but not overwhelming. Water height about 96 cm (to 122cm in height you come up with proper inflation). The pool is filled all at least up to 90 cm because the water must cover the supply pipes. The package includes (in addition of course to the pool) the fabric in the pool, the Copripiscina towel, before repair kit, ladder with platform, sand filter (not sand), instruction booklet and DVD with explanations. All well packed, and arrived early. The sand filter and of good quality. Instructions in Italian BUT the dvd was not well protected and where x and folded and unreadable. Contacted the dealer told me that the explanation was easily downloadable from the website, and so I did: all ok! 
Children (aged 7 to 14 years old) enjoy a lot and we adults as well.
And quite high x us dips, but not too much so even the little children (7 years) touch and we can play. (Children youngest of 6/7 years are not touching the bottom).
We are satisfied.
5.0 out of 5 stars

Micaela Ferrari

4 August 2015

Same as description. Excellent, very durable and easy to assemble. The only “defect” and there to be compared separaramente a skimmer to clean the water surface.
5.0 out of 5 stars

Fabio Rota

27 August 2015

Arrived immediately from the first date given in the delivery the package is quite well presented, also because the weight of the box and not just,
in the box were all the pieces. Great deal works great.
I recommend it for those who have space ,.

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