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LEGO Hero Factory: Dragon Bolt (44009)


Movable Folding Wings

The LEGO® Dragon Bolt belongs to the LEGO® Hero Factory game world

The Dragon Bolt, from the LEGO® Hero Factory, is a fearsome sight. This flying monster was created by the aliens. Pull the Dragon Bolt to war, using his powerful teeth and flapping wings. The scorpion tail spines will surely impress you. The movable joints and removable, multi-colored Alien brain guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun with your Dragon Bolt

Description:Material: plastic
• Dragon Bolt with sharp teeth, movable folding wings and joints, removable Alien Brain
• Size (H x L): approx 24cm x 36cm
• Recommended age: 8 to 16 years.
This item is not suitable for children under 8 years. Use under adult supervision.

Brand: LEGO® Hero Factory

 Dragon Bolt Dragon Bolt

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