LEGO Hero Factory: OGRUM Figure With Movable Elements


Lego Hero

LEGO® – 44007 OGRUM belongs to the LEGO® Hero Factory game world.
The LEGO® Hero Factory guarantees excitement when it comes to the battle between good and evil. The opponent, OGRUM, is dangerous and so the brave heroes use everything in their power to defeat him. This poisonous plant has vine arms and root-like claws. So beware! Look for the best fight strategy and defeat this monster.

Description: • Size (height): 18cm
Material: plastic
• Contents: OGRUM play figure with movable elements

Accessories: removable, light green alien brain, branches, root-like feet, and claws (roots)
Recommended age: from 7-14 years.

Brand: LEGO® Hero Factory

 OGRUM Material Plastic

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack – Ogrum

Ogrum advert! I did not make this, the Lego Company did… lego hero factory ogrum …

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