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LEGO. Content: A Total Of 65 Blocks, Including Car Element, Fence, Window And Flower


LEGO Duplo Pink

The LEGO® Bricks Bucket -10 555 belongs to the LEGO® DUPLO – game world.
The building blocks of LEGO® DUPLO bucket is perfect for the small builder. The stiff building blocks are well in hand, so that your heart and can be built. Gexperimenteerd The enclosed booklet gives many tips to build and play. For example you can build something beautiful on the car element or with the building blocks, the fence and the window you build first home or a colorful flower grow. The storage box can be comfortable all parts stored and transported

Description:Material: plastic
• Content: a total of 65 blocks, including car element, fence, window and flower
• Recommended age: from 1-5 years


 Bricks Bucket Content Total

Clics – Bricks – Baublokke

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