Kid Ventures

CuddleUppets Blanket

What happens when you combine a cuddly blanket with a stuffed animal? The CuddleUppets are cuddly soft plush blankets with a cup. This popular gadget for kids can be cleaned without any problems, as they are machine washable. It does not matter whether they are girls or boys, children look more

LEGO – Life Of George

Construct, scan, and earn points around the world with LEGO® Life of George, the first game, in which building with LEGO bricks is combined with your mobile phone. Download the app to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android and build the models as fast as you can. Put your model on the mat more

Pustefix Bubble Car

Have fun with Pustefix on four wheels! In its multi-colored Bubble-Car, Pustefix has a uniquely cheerful look when driving through rooms or the garden, while leaving a lot of bubbles in the air. Put Pusti the bear in his bubble car and there he goes. With the user-friendly remote, you can drive more

Carrera Go!!! See-Saw

You can race fast, but can you prove your skills on the seesaw of Carrera GO? Drive slowly and carefully on the seesaw, so the roadway folds down. Great sensitivity is needed for a challenge like this, but a real racer like you can overcome this obstacle. Experience exciting races with this great more